圓800000 / 3br - 2000m2 - 40-acre Farm Near Vancouver, Canada (in USA near border) (Maple Falls, WA)


3BR / 2Ba 2000m2 可用 6月 26



This 37.5 Washington State farm in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State is less than an hour's drive from Vancouver, Canada. Enjoy benefits of Vancouver WITHOUT the new cost of Vancouver's foreign-investor tax. It has abundant water supply, consisting of four streams and two wells! A year-round salmon stream forms the boundary of one side of the property. In most years, the fields have remained emerald-green year-round without irrigating from one of the wells. The well water comes straight off the surrounding mountains. It is cold even in the summer, pure of any contaminants, and tastes better than any water you can buy. The water, itself, could possibly become a product of the farm.

The topsoil on the bottom ten acres is a rich, heavy silt loam, almost completely free of stones and about four feet deep. The land has been used only for hay and pasture for decades without fertilizers or pesticides, so it is ideal for organic farming. It is perfect in acidity for blueberries, one of the state's highest-paying crops.

The upper fields are more sandy/gravelly and would be great for organic orchards because they are well-drained, though they still tend to stay green through the year due to subterranean water from the nearest mountain. Our garden grows so quickly and abundantly we can barely keep up with the harvest.

The entire property of nearly forty acres is surrounded by mountain views (360 degrees), making this one of the most scenic farms in the state. The farm has outstanding potential for strong agri-tourism and direct retail farming because it is prominently visible alongside a busy tourist highway to the Mount Baker Ski Resort. Nearly everyone in the county knows and loves this farm as soon as you describe its location because it stands out. We've had strangers from several counties away say, "Oh, I know that farm" as soon as we describe it to them.

Cars coming down the scenic highway look straight at the highly visible barn where a mural painted as a traditional barn sign would provide excellent commercial exposure to all of the skiing, hiking and vacationing traffic. A lot of Canadian traffic passes by daily because of a nearby border crossing, and Canadians flock to the US to shop, so the location would be ideal for a farm store that could also showcase products from other Whatcom County farms.

Wildlife is abundant here. Eagles and hawks are heard and seen nesting around and flying over the property regularly, as are owls, ducks, geese, herons and numerous other birds. There are deer, bear, and cougars, and foxes, though no one in the area has had any problem from the bears or cougars. A fish hatchery was built downstream because of the abundance of salmon.

It is located close to a beautiful college town with excellent public schools.

While we've not put it on the National Historic Register, the farm is one of the original homesteads in Whatcom County and belonged to a well-known family that pioneered the local logging business.

The farm has two large barns, a large machine shop/wood shop with grease pit and hoist, an oversized, two-car garage with additional garden-tool room, and a two-story traditional farmhouse. All roofs are new or recent. The large red barn has now been resided and repainted. Other buildings still need some restoration -- mostly cosmetic -- but are basically sound.

The craftsman style farmhouse was recently restored with everything you love about old-world craftsmanship retained while all the plumbing, wiring, appliances, insulation, roof, paint, etc. are new. The building inspector who looked it over when we purchased the property said, "You basically have a brand-new, old house."

This is a rare and beautiful piece of America. As you can tell from the photos, the farm gets lots of rainbows because it rests in the rain shadow of the nearest mountain, so the skies are often blue above the farm while rain pours down on the surrounding mountains, filling the streams that run through the farm and raising the water table so that the soil is watered from beneath most of the year -- sometimes all year. The photo with the logging road looks down at the valley junction where the farm is located near the river that runs through the valley. The farm is located exactly at the rainbow's end at the left side of the photo.

The farm currently produces $1,300 a month from hay sales and from three people renting space for horses and a bee-keeping business that rents the big red barn. (I do none of the work putting up the hay or taking care of horses, etc; so the $1,300 is purely passive income.) The farm needs an owner with the resources to invest in developing its full potential, including higher-paying specialty crops and a farm store. Right now it is run for its lowest and easiest uses, which required little investment other than some building restoration.

We've started with the physical restoration, but don't have the financial capacity to develop and market the farm into a park-like agribusiness that becomes a local destination for art fairs and harvest events with music, the sale of high-end farm goods, and possible B-and-B lodging, maybe even a source of outstanding bottled water. We've had two wedding planners ask if they could regularly use the barn for weddings, but it would have to be modified with sprinkler systems, bathrooms and extra stairs, so we've turned them down for now. We've also had a television commercial producers ask to film here.

PRICED AT US$ 800,000, Property located at 6338 Mt Baker Hwy; Maple Falls, Washington, USA
A $10,000 finder's fee will be paid to anyone who connects us with a buyer who closes on a sale of this property.
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